Printable Puzzles for Kids

Find hundreds of printable puzzles for kids that are ready to download and print as PDF puzzles. You will find puzzles that are perfect for teachers and homeschooling parents to use in classroom or at home.

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  • Summer Cryptogram

    Summer Cryptogram

  • I Spy Summer

    I Spy Summer

  • Summer Word Search - Easy

    Summer Word Search - Easy

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  • Hot Dog Word Search

    Hot Dog Word Search

  • Famous Inventors Crossword

    Famous Inventors Crossword

  • Fast Food Crossword

    Fast Food Crossword

  • Weather Crossword

    Weather Crossword

  • Summer Crossword

    Summer Crossword

  • I Spy Fruits

    I Spy Fruits

  • I Spy Summer

    I Spy Summer

  • I Spy On The Farm

    I Spy On The Farm

  • Airplane Cryptogram

    Airplane Cryptogram

  • 4x4 Sudoku - Easy - 16

    4x4 Sudoku - Easy - 16

Recently Added Puzzles

  • I Spy Plants

    I Spy Plants

  • May Cryptogram

    May Cryptogram

  • Flag Day Word Search

    Flag Day Word Search

  • Flag Day Crossword

    Flag Day Crossword

  • Hello June Cryptogram

    Hello June Cryptogram

  • Butterfly Word Search

    Butterfly Word Search

  • I Spy Gardening

    I Spy Gardening

  • Victoria Day Word Scramble

    Victoria Day Word Scramble

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Puzzle Categories

  • Mazes

    Printable mazes with different shapes including arbitrary, geometric, shaped and regular square.

  • Sudoku Puzzles

    Suduku puzzles with different grid sizes like 4x4, 6x6, 9x9 and levels including easy, medium and hard.

  • Word Puzzles

    Word puzzles collection including crosswords, cryptograms, word searches, word scrambles and more.

  • Logic Puzzles

    Logical puzzles library like star battle and more with many difficulty levels.

  • Printable Games

    Collection of free printable games and activities for kids like I-spy, memory games and more.

  • Holidays

    Theme and occassion based printable games and puzzles for kids like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc.

Puzzles are some of the great ways to pass time. Normally people solve puzzles to relax, but there are lots of health benefits that these brain teasers offer.

Printable Puzzles for Kids

Printable puzzles for kids are becoming one of the most popular and effective ways for teachers, therapists and parents to use in their classroom, therapy sessions and at home for learning.

There are so many different types of puzzles varying from simple to hard ones, word puzzles, number puzzles, mazes, Sudoku and so many other brain teasers. Puzzles offer many health benefits like improved memory, problem solving ability, mental fitness, fine motor skills for kids, perseverance and increased concentration skills.

Puzzles makes it easy to learn and retain that knowledge. Little kids may find the puzzles challenging at first and feel accomplished when they solve one all by themselves. They are encouraged to do more.

Printable Puzzles for Teachers

Teachers can use these puzzles in their classroom to help students work on their problem solving skills, while they challenge themselves strengthening their vocabulary and improving math skills.

Printable Puzzles for Homeschooling Parents

Recently, homeschooling has been on the rise. Parents are looking for convenient and practical ways to teach their children at home. There are many resources available online where they can simply download and print the PDF puzzles.

These printable puzzles for kids are for personal and educational use, so parents, teachers and therapists can print as many copies as they want. Since these can be printed one or two at a time, kids won't feel overwhelmed when they see that they don't have to finish the entire book of puzzles at once.

Learning for kids through puzzles is much more effective as opposed to the traditional way of using books of math sheets where they can feel stressed just looking at the number of pages in one big book.

Puzzles can be educational, engaging and interactive games that help kids learn quickly and keep them excited about learning some more.