Dinosaur Crossword

Download free printable Dinosaur Crossword PDF to print on letter size paper.

Dinosaur Crossword

Dinosaur Crossword is a fun way to engage your little learners and promote their problem-solving skills. This activity is an engaging way to pass the time and a valuable tool for sharpening their young minds.

Simply download and print this stimulating brain teaser, and watch your kids' eyes light up with excitement as they eagerly get down to work. Add a little prehistoric fun to your child's routine, and download the Dinosaur Crossword printable puzzle today!

Words List:
velociraptor, small, swift dinosaur known for its agility, fossil, fossilized remains of a dinosaur, trex, the most well known carnivorous dinosaur, pangaea, ancient super continent where many dinosaurs lived, paleontology, the study of dinosaurs, saurus, giant reptiles that went extinct, dinosaur, large reptiles that lived millions of years ago, brachiosaur, a famous dinosaur known for its long neck, jurassic, the period when dinosaurs lived, triceratops, a plant eating dinosaur with long horns

Dinosaur Crossword

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