Printable Easter Puzzles

Celebrate this wonderful holiday with your favorite puzzles. Download and print these Easter Puzzles for kids and adults to solve. Teachers and parents can use these puzzles in classroom or at home.

Printable Easter activities for kids include coloring pages, Easter memory games and puzzles that will keep your children engaged while they discover what Easter is all about!

Fun Printable Easter Activities

With Easter coming up, you want to make sure your kids are busy and having fun, without having to spend a fortune on activities. Browse our collection of fun printable Easter activities for kids. They are sure to have fun and stay engaged for long periods of time.

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  • Easter Egg Maze

    Easter Egg Maze

    eggs, mazes

  • Easter Bunny Maze

    Easter Bunny Maze

    Printable Bunny Maze is perfect puzzle for kids to navigate through to start and reach destination by following the correct path. Mazes are great way to help develop their problem solving and fine motor skills.

    easter, mazes, rabbit

  • Easter Memory Games

    Easter Memory Games

    Printable Easter Memory Games are lot of fun and entertainment. Perfect to play for Easter, kids learn and enjoy while developing their concentration, thinking and problem solving skills.

    colors, flower, flowers, friday, learn, numbers, play, spring

  • Easter Crossword Puzzle

    Easter Crossword Puzzle

    Easter Crossword Puzzle is an engaging and educational way for children to learn about Easter while having fun. They can play in their classroom, a school party, Easter Egg Hunt, or during the Spring break when they are getting bored.

    learn, play

  • Easter Egg Memory Games for Kids

    Easter Egg Memory Games for Kids

    Easter egg memory games are great for keeping kids busy and having fun. They're easy to learn, so even young children can play them. Simply download and print these out.

    colors, eggs, friday, learn, numbers, pattern, play

  • Easter Word Scramble

    Easter Word Scramble

    Perfect for both kids, this Easter Word Scramble is sure to keep them busy while celebrating Easter. Have the players unscramble these words associated with Easter. Simply download and print.

    flower, flowers, friday, happy, learn, play, spring

  • Easter Bunny Word Search Puzzle

    Easter Bunny Word Search Puzzle

    This bunny shaped Easter Word Search Puzzle is one of the fun and educational activities for kids, especially during Easter Egg Hunt Party or at any get together. Help them develop their vocabulary and spelling skills while they have fun learning new words associated with Easter.

    rabbit, shaped, hunt, learn, play, puzzles

  • Easter Scavenger Hunt

    Easter Scavenger Hunt

    Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt sheets are perfect for keeping little ones busy on this special holiday. They'll love hunting down all of the items listed on these sheets.

    egg, eggs, flower, flowers, friday, happy, holidays, learn, play, spring

Easter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Fun Easter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers will make the event exciting for little ones. There are plenty of fun games like bingo cards with pictures instead of numbers so even younger children can play along with their friends and family members. Printable Activities include games Memory Games, Crossword, Word Search etc.

You'll also find new ideas like these adorable bunny ears headbands or a bunny mask craft project perfect for toddlers. There's something here sure to please any age group!

These entertaining and educational games are sure to keep them busy for hours. The best part? All these Easter activities for kids are completely free!