Object Mazes

Object mazes are a fun activity to keep kids occupied. There are all sorts of different designs to choose from, including baseball hats, princesses, acorns, and trees. These puzzles are free to download!

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  • Valentine Heart Maze

    Valentine Heart Maze


    Valentine Heart Maze for Kids for valentine's day. Solve the puzzle by finding the way through the heart-shaped maze layout. Simply download and print.

    day, mazes, valentines

  • Christmas Tree Maze

    Christmas Tree Maze


    Printable Christmas Tree Maze Puzzle for Kids to help find the correct way for the kid to reach the gifts. Download, print and play

    holiday, mazes

  • Christmas Hat Maze

    Christmas Hat Maze


    Christmas Hat Maze is the perfect Christmas activity for kids. This one is a fun and educational puzzle that you can do together as a family.

    mazes, winter

  • Easter Bunny Maze

    Easter Bunny Maze


    Printable Bunny Maze is perfect puzzle for kids to navigate through to start and reach destination by following the correct path. Mazes are great way to help develop their problem solving and fine motor skills.

    easter, mazes, rabbit

  • Clover Maze

    Clover Maze


    Get kids excited about St. Patrick's Day with this fun Clover Maze. They will enjoy finding way through these mazes as they get familiar with this fun festival.

    mazes, st paddy

  • Easter Egg Maze

    Easter Egg Maze


    eggs, mazes

  • Christmas Ornament Maze

    Christmas Ornament Maze


    holiday, mazes

  • Acorn Maze Printable

    Acorn Maze Printable


    Free printable acorn mazes for kids to play during the Winter holidays. Solve the puzzle by finding the way through the acorn shaped maze layout.

    mazes, winter, Christmas, santa

  • Cinderella Maze

    Cinderella Maze


    Printable Mazes for kids to solve Girl Maze. This Cinderella Maze is perfect to solve at a birthday party or in a classroom with other students and teachers. Download, print and play.

    birthday, girl, mazes

  • Baseball Cap Maze

    Baseball Cap Maze


    Have your students and children solve this baseball cap maze by helping this baseball player find the baseball. Download and print this printable puzzle for kids.


Mazes are a fun way to help kids learn about shapes and spatial relationships. They can also be used to improve problem-solving skills and logical thinking. Plus, they're just plain fun!

There are all sorts of different object maze designs to choose from, including baseball hat, princess, acorn, heart, clover leaf, Christmas tree, and more.