Sports Crossword

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Sports Crossword

Sports Crossword is a fun and educational activity that will keep little ones engaged for hours. With various clues to solve and words to fill in, this puzzle is perfect for children who love sports and want to improve their vocabulary.

It's available for download and print, so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to keep your little ones entertained and learning at the same time. Download the Sports Crossword printable puzzle now!

Words List:
archery, a sport involving shooting arrows at a target, wrestling, a sport where two opponents grapple and try to pin each other to the mat, bowling, a game in which teams take turns throwing a ball at a set of wooden pins, disc golf, a sport involving throwing a disc to a target in as few throws as possible, water polo, a team sport played in a pool, throwing a ball into a goal, soccer, the "beautiful game" played with a round ball, table tennis, a game where players hit a ball over a net using paddles, cricket, a game played with a small hard ball and a bat in an oval-shaped field, rugby, a game with 15 players on each team, polo, a sport in which players use mallets to hit balls through goal posts, badminton, a racquet sport played on a court with a shuttlecock, skiing, a winter sport that involves gliding on snow using long, narrow boards, judo, a martial art sport from japan known for its throws and joint locks, surfing, a sport involving riding waves on a board

Sports Crossword

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