Firefighter Crossword

Download free printable Firefighter Crossword PDF to print on letter size paper.

Firefighter Crossword

Firefighter crossword printable game is a fun and educational activity that will help your kids with their vocabulary skills.

Kids will be tasked with finding words related to firefighting equipment and everything else they need to know about these brave men and women with the help of clues given at the bottom of the sheet.

Children are sure to have a blast filling out the puzzle while learning important facts about firefighters and how they handle tricky situations. So, grab your printer and get ready for some firefighting fun!

List of Questions:

An edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle
Leather ________
Fire ________
A loud noise-making device to alert people
This carries water or foam to extinguish fire
Protective head covering
The stuff we breathe to live
A structure for climbing up or down
A clear liquid that has no color, taste, or smell
A rehearsal of escape procedures to be followed in case of fire
Commanding officer in a fire department
________ clock
Pieces of clothing that cover your hands and wrists
A person admired for achievements or brave acts

Firefighter Crossword

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