Canada Day Crossword

Download free printable Canada Day Crossword PDF to print on letter size paper.

Canada Day Crossword

Canada Crossword Printable Puzzle is a fun and educational activity for kids and adults that promotes knowledge and understanding of Canada.

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or someone who loves puzzles, this is a great tool to use in your classroom, home, or leisure time.

Test their knowledge and increase their understanding of the country's geography, history, and culture.

Download and print the puzzle, grab a pen, and get ready to explore the wonders of Canada!

List of Questions:

Favourite Syrup, Most popular cheese in Canada, Our national anthem, Number of provinces in Canada, Canada's capital city, Capital of Manitoba, Canada's national summer sport, Last Province or territory to join Canada, Federal Government of Canada, Has the largest population out of all provinces, Famous Coffee, Biome found in Canada, French Speaking province, Popular Canadian dish from Quebec, Number of territories in Canada, On Canada Day we celebrate with these, Big Bay, Canada's National Animal, Canada's national winter sport.

Canada Day Crossword

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