Palm Sunday Crossword

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Palm Sunday Crossword

The Palm Sunday Crossword for Kids is an educational puzzle that introduces children to the significance of Palm Sunday in the Christian faith. This printable crossword puzzle features clues related to the events of Palm Sunday, helping kids learn about the traditions and stories associated with this important day.

Parents, teachers, and educators can use this puzzle as a fun and interactive way to teach children about the religious observances leading up to Easter. Download and print the Palm Sunday Crossword to engage kids in learning about the cultural and religious aspects of this special day.

Words List:
hosanna, what did people shout as jesus entered jerusalem?, cloaks, what did people spread on the road before jesus?, zechariah, who prophesied about jesus' triumphant entry into jerusalem?, palm sunday, the sunday before easter is known as what in the christian calendar?, fig tree, what did jesus curse for not bearing fruit as he approached jerusalem?, disciples, who laid their cloaks on the ground for jesus to ride over?, honor, traditional song 'all glory, laud, and ______' is often sung on palm sunday?, temple, according to the gospels, jesus went to the _______ upon entering jerusalem, palm branches, what type of branches did people wave as jesus entered jerusalem?, donkey, what animal did jesus ride into jerusalem?, east, on palm sunday, jesus rode into jerusalem from which direction?, jerusalem, palm sunday commemorates jesus' triumphant entry into which city?, untie it, what did jesus instruct his disciples to do to get the donkey for him to ride?

Palm Sunday Crossword

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