Cat Crossword

Download free printable Cat Crossword PDF to print on letter size paper.

Cat Crossword

Learning about cats is now easier than ever with our Free Printable Cat Crossword puzzle. Designed for kids, this fun puzzle contains information, facts, and questions about cats to stimulate their minds and foster a love of learning.

With the easy download and print format, parents will be thrilled to keep their children entertained in an educational setting that will create memories for years to come. Help your child discover the joys of learning about cats with our exciting Free Printable Cat Crossword!

List of Questions:

Tiger : What is the name of a cat known for its stripes
Molly : What is a female cat referred to
Domestic : What do you call a cat that lives with humans
Kitten : What is a baby cat called
Cheetah : What is the world’s fastest land animal
Paws : What is the only part of the body a cat can sweat from
Pride : The name of a group of lions
Mane : Whats the fur around a lions neck called
Tom : What is a male cat referred to
Feral : What do you call a cat that lives on the streets
Nine : How many lives is a cat supposed to have

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