Flag Day Crossword

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Flag Day Crossword

Flag Day Crossword Puzzle for Kids offers a great way for children to explore the significance of this patriotic holiday. This puzzle features clues related to Flag Day, such as "stars," "stripes," "freedom," "patriotism," and more.

Parents, teachers, and educators can download and print this crossword puzzle to provide children with an engaging and educational activity.

It's an excellent addition to classroom lessons, homeschooling curriculum, or simply as a fun activity at home. By solving this Flag Day crossword puzzle, kids can enhance their vocabulary, spelling, and critical thinking skills while also learning about the history and significance of Flag Day.

Words List:
army, the united states _________ also celebrates their birthday on june 14., bald eagle, national bird of the united states., bernard cigrand, father of flag day., betsy ross, who sewed the first american flag., fifty, number of stars on the american flag, flag, symbol of the country, june, what month is flag day in, loyal, another word for faithful, oak, national tree of the united states, parade, procession of people walking or marching along a street., promise, another word for pledge, red, one of the colors of the stripes on the american flag, rose, national flower of united states, stars, represents the 50 states of the united states of america., statue of liberty, a statue at the entrance to new york harbor, a symbol of welcome to immigrants, stripes, they represent the thirteen british colonies that declared independence from the kingdom of great britain., the white house, where the president and his family live, white, signifies purity and innocence.

Flag Day Crossword

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