Animal Crossword

Download free printable Animal Crossword PDF to print on letter size paper.

Animal Crossword

Free printable animal crossword is a fun and educational way to spend time with kids. This crossword can be downloaded and printed right at home.

It's a great opportunity to teach children about different kinds of animals while also sharpening their problem-solving skills. By following the clues at the bottom of the grid, they'll have the chance to do something new and unique that is sure to thrill them.

It's an incredibly easy way to occupy their minds without needing any special supplies besides paper and a printer.

List of Questions:

Lizard : This can crawl on the walls and detach their tails, Giraffe : This has a long long neck, Chameleon : He can change color, Chicken : Love to play, run, skip and flap their wings, Cat : This says meow, Dog : This is a common pet and not a cat, Horse : We ride it a lot to get between places, Fish : _____ breathe through their gills, Zebra : This is a horse with stripes, Shrimp : This animal is in a shrimp sandwich, Cheetah : This is the fastest cat species, Penguin : This is a bird that can't fly and lives on the north pole, Lion : This is a type of cat but is much bigger, Ducks : They have webbed feet to help them swim and broad and flat bills, Frog : This jumps and is able to live on land and in water

Animal Crossword

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