Winter Scattergories

Download free printable Winter Scattergories PDF to print on letter size paper.

Winter Scattergories

Playing the winter version of Scattergories, with the keyword SNOW, can be a great way to enjoy wintertime activities without venturing outdoors. It's perfect for winter camping trips and family reunions.

The game is based on categories such as winter actions, winter animals, winter food, and winter weather words like SNOW. For example, if the chosen category is "Winter Animals", you could come up with words like a penguin or polar bear.

You can set up the timer to jot down as many items relating to the given category as possible; each item must begin with the same letter as the keyword SNOW for it to count for points.

At the end of the set timer, tally up your points and compare answers with friends and family to see who came out on top!

Winter Scattergories

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