4th of July Crossword

Download free printable 4th of July Crossword PDF to print on letter size paper.

4th of July Crossword

Celebrate Independence Day and engage your children in learning more about American history and culture with our 4th of July Crossword puzzle.

By filling in the blank spaces, your child will improve their vocabulary and spelling, exercise their concentration and visual spatial skills, and learn about the significance of this important holiday.

They will recognize and learn new words as they search through the clues, including historical events, famous people, important dates, and places in American history.

Download and print this puzzle, and let the games begin for an enjoyable and educational way to celebrate the Fourth of July!

List of Questions:

Independence: Declaration of ______________, Liberty: The Statue of __________, Fireworks: Colorful explosions in the sky, fifty: How many stars are on the American flag, Washington: The First President of the United States of America, Flag: Historic item sewn by Betsy Ross, States: There were 13 of these, Bald Eagle: What is the United States bird, star: geometric shape found on the American flag, France: Statue of Liberty is provided by __________, Revolution: The war against the British was called the American _______________, Parade: A festive public procession of marching bands and costumed people, patriot: someone who is devoted to their country, Old Glory: This is a nickname for the American Flag, white: red, ________, and blue


4th of July Crossword

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