African American History Crossword Puzzle

Download free printable African American History Crossword Puzzle PDF to print on letter size paper.

African American History Crossword Puzzle

Help your children learn more about African American history with our free printable African American History Crossword Puzzle. It's fun, informative, and an interactive educational tool for everyone.

Download and print this crossword puzzle and gain insight into fascinating African American history and culture topics. Challenge yourself, your family members, or your friends while increasing your knowledge of the history of African Americans.

Expand your understanding of African American heritage through this great activity, and have a great time doing it!

List of Questions:
1. Underground railroad conductor, also known as the "Moses of her people"
2. Social reformer and abolitionist who wrote a slave narrative
3. First humans appear here
4. Nation that starts the slave trade
5. Led bloodiest slave revolt
6. Founder and bishop of the AME church
7. African American art movement in New York as a black cultural mecca
8. Decreased time needed to clean cotton by quickly and easily separates cotton fibers from their seeds
9. Laws and customs used to discriminate
10. All African American military group who battled native Americans

List of Words: Richard Allen, Frederick Douglass, Cotton Gin, Jim Crow, Africa, Harlem Renaissance, Buffalo Soldiers, Harriet Tubman, Portugal, Nat Turner

African American History Crossword Puzzle

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