8x9 Kakuro - 1

Download free printable 8x9 Kakuro - 1 PDF to print on letter size paper.

8x9 Kakuro - 1

If you're tired of the same old crossword puzzles and word searches, it's time to give Kakuro a try. These fun and challenging number puzzles are the perfect brain teaser for anyone who loves a good challenge.

Simply download and print, and you'll have hours of entertainment at your fingertips. Get your pencils ready and start solving some Kakuro puzzles.

Printable Kakuro Puzzles Easy puzzles with Answers. Comes with different levels of difficulty and variations with number of grids.

Enter the digits from 1 to 9 in the white boxes to correspond to the associated sums. However, no digit may appear twice in an entry.

A number in the upper right corner represents the sum of the associated horizontal cells, and one in the lower left corner represents the sum of the associated vertical cells.

8x9 Kakuro - 1

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