Best Indoor Activities and Puzzles for Kids (with Free Printable)

These Indoor activities and puzzles for kids are perfect to keep them entertained and engaged. From coloring pages, puzzles, and printable games, these printable puzzles, and activities are easy-to-use so you can enjoy some quality time with the family.

Indoor Activities for Kids

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Looking to keep kids active and engaged while staying indoors?

Keeping them busy and entertained can be a challenge, but it can be done. All you need is some exciting activities that will interest them. Make sure to browse our selection of printable puzzles that are sure to keep them on their toes while having fun.

These printable activities and puzzles will keep them busy, happy, and healthy. They’re easy to do at home with everyday household items.

You can download them all in one place, and print them at your convenience. You are sure to find something that fits your child’s interests right away. No matter they are interested in farm animals, mazes, or memory games for kids – there’s something for everybody.

What are some of the indoor activities for kids?

Whether it’s the Summer break or weekend, you are bound to hear the “I’m bored” sound from one or the other corner of the house. In case you are looking for fun and engaging ideas to do with your kids, here are some of the fun and best indoor activities for kids to do while stuck at home.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Kids will have tons of fun finding items listed on this Indoor Scavenger Hunt Game. As they discover things indoors, they will enjoy hunting for things while staying entertained. Perfect for kindergartners and little ones, these scavenger hunt games are a whole lot of fun while keeping them busy for hours.

Printable Scavenger Hunt Games

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

What a fun way to explore the outdoors in your front and backyard with this Outdoor Scavenger Hunt printable game. Kids look for things like a red flower, a seed, something small, something yellow, etc. As they find these things, they put the checkmark across the item. They will look forward to completing their checklist.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Not only is it fun to explore nature, but kids will also love hunting for things associated with nature like a feather, a “Y” shaped stick, a bird’s nest, etc with Nature Scavenger Hunt. As they find each item, they put the checkmark across the item.

Spring Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Kids will be able to spot bugs, small animals, new plants in the backyard. Help them find these things by using this free printable Spring Backyard Scavenger Hunt. They will love to checkmark off the items as they find them.

Hello Summer Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? Not only will they have a good time matching the small squares with these Summer bingo cards in their hands, but they will also be happy to play bingo for a really long time. Since this one is picture bingo, toddlers will enjoy playing these as well.

Numbers Memory Game

Help your kids learn the count with these numbers memory game cards. They will enjoy recognizing the cute little characters on these printable memory games like a ladybug, butterflies, and other little bugs.

Ocean Memory Game

Ocean Memory Game Printable

Help kids discover new animals found in the ocean with this Ocean memory game. You can print a double copy of this game, cut out the cards along the lines. Mix them and place them down facing down. Each player had to take turns, turning over two cards, trying to make a match.

Match the Toys

Watch them get excited when they see their favorite toys on these Match the Toys Memory Games. Just like the ocean memory game above, this Match the Toys game can be played as well. Kids will have fun playing the toys memory game.

Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies memory game is one of the great ways to introduce different fruits and veggies to children in a fun way. As they try to match the two cards, you can tell them the benefits of each vegetable and fruit displayed on the cards.

Cute Animals Memory Game

In this cute animals memory game, kids get to match these cute animals with each other. They will be happy to see a little penguin, an owl, an elephant, or a monkey. Reinforce the animal sounds and make them repeat after you. What a fun way to learn new things while having fun.

Match the Shapes

A wonderful way to introduce kids to different shapes like square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, rhombus, etc with Match the Shapes Memory Game. Smilies on these shapes make them extra special that is sure to interest little ones in these shapes.

Fun Maze Puzzles for Kids

Square Mazes for Kids

Kids love to play the maze puzzles. Simply download and print these out. These maze puzzles are sure to keep them occupied for hours. They will enjoy finding their way through each maze puzzle. A great way to help them develop their problem solving, focus, and fine motor skills.

Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

Sudoku Puzzles are great logic puzzles to develop problem-solving skills in children. As they try to find the missing numbers in these grids, they will develop focus and concentration skills at a much younger age. Such puzzles also keep them busy for hours without realizing they are spending so much time working on their math skills.

Word Search Puzzles

If you want to see your kids expanding their vocabulary, you can download and print these word search puzzles. Browse our huge collection of word search puzzles. You will find the one that will pick kids’ interests. Make it fun by having them solve ice cream flavors word search or Four Leaf Clover.

Outer Space Bingo

Got little astronauts at home? Have them play this fun Outer Space Bingo. They will love to learn about the solar system, planets, moon, spaceships and so much more. For little older kids, you can give them these solar system worksheets.

Easter Bingo

Easter Bingo Game is just like a classic bingo but with an Easter theme. These cute Easter Bingo boards are super cute and so much fun to play. Simply download and print.

Number Bingo Printable

Super simple and easy to play, these numbers Bingo games are perfect for helping kids learn to count from 1 to 24 while having fun and entertainment. Perfect for the classroom, group, or at-home setting.

Printable Indoor Activities and Puzzles for Kids

Kids will love doing these printable puzzles and activities while staying indoors.