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  • Four Leaf Clover Word Search

    Four Leaf Clover Word Search

    Word Search

    Four Leaf Clover Word Search Puzzle is perfect to play at home or school. Players try to search the hidden words related with St. Patrick’s Day. Simply download, print and play!

    st. patrick, saint, clover, green, paddy, patrik, st patricks day, learn, play

  • Oceans Memory Games for Kids

    Oceans Memory Games for Kids

    Printable Games

    Free printable oceans memory games are perfect for kindergarten and preschool children, where they get to match the sea creatures. They have tons of fun while learning and developing their concentration and thinking skills.

    matching, logic, puzzles, puzzle, learn, play, sea, creatures, water, under

  • Mothers Day Word Search

    Mothers Day Word Search

    Word Search

    Mothers Day Word Search is one of the fun and educational activities for kids, especially after the Mother's Day brunch or at a get together at home. Word Search Puzzles help kids develop their vocabulary and spelling skills.

    mother's, day, best, mom, super, supermom, special

  • Letter X Maze

    Letter X Maze


    Help Santa to reach the Christmas (X-Mas) tree by finding a way through the uppercase letter X shaped maze. Download print and play!

    letter, capital, alphabet

  • Summer Maze for Kids

    Summer Maze for Kids


    Summer mazes are one of the perfect activities for kids to solve when they are out and about in Summer heat. Download, print and play!

    summer, spring, maze, labyrinth

  • 4 Letter Word Search Beginning with W

    4 Letter Word Search Beginning with W

    Word Search

    Four Letter word search beginning with W is a great way for kids to learn about variety of 4 letter words that start with W. Download, print and play!

    puzzles, letters, learn, play, four

  • Color Sudoku for Kids

    Color Sudoku for Kids


    Introduce kids to Sudoku with these free printable Color Sudoku Puzzles. Instead of numbers, kids will fill the blank squares with missing colors.

    colour, kindergarten, preschool, easy, level, 4x4

  • Santa Sleigh Maze Puzzle

    Santa Sleigh Maze Puzzle

    Mazes , Christmas

    Santa Sleigh Maze Puzzle is the perfect Christmas activity for kids. This is a fun and educational puzzle that you can do together as a family.

    mazes, winter, Christmas